Friday Fiction: The Turk

He already knew what was going to happen as soon as he entered the office. It was the office itself that gave away the game. He’d been in plenty of offices since getting signed. There were the various doctor’s offices he waited in before officially “inking the deal,” as his agent repeatedly said. The entire […]

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Ask Your Fantasy Football British-Type Dude: Matt Lane of Fantasy Pigskin

"Football is mad." After I reminded myself to not forget the ladies when searching for fantasy experts, I remembered that fantasy football expertise occasionally travels beyond the pond. Authentic Brit Matt Lane is one of those gents. Floor guy by day, football obsessive at night (and overnight, if you consider the time change), he covers […]

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Ask Your Fantasy Football Neuroscientist (Part 1): Renee Miller of “Cognitive Bias in Fantasy Football”

"One of my (awesome) students gave me the 30 for 30 “Silly Little Game” as a thank you gift today. Can’t wait to finally see it!" Perhaps it’s not that we’re lacking female voices in fantasy football analysis. Maybe it’s just that we’re not looking hard enough for them. I found Renee Miller lurking on […]

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Fantasy Files: Thoughts from the Beach

I’m going to try a different style with my first post in a while. I let my vacation in Panama City Beach be an excuse to tail off on the interviews for a while. With all of the free-agent frenzy and upcoming (sometime in the next decade) NFL Draft, I thought I’d alternate beach thoughts […]

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