Sunday Funday Beer Day Football Day

Sunday morning, rise and grind 9-9:30: Work on grocery list (chug a Pepsi Max and grab the recyclable bags) 9:30-10:30: Go to Kroger for your meat needs. Stop at Publix needing four things and realize they have the “buy $50 of groceries and get $10 off a $50 gas card” deal which means you have […]

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Beer and more beer: The bottle share

The first 30 minutes of a bottle share are the best. You have that “new beer energy”, seeing tons of old friends and new people and every brew you sample is like the first time you thought “wait, this is supposed to taste good?” You’re in that crazy first-person spinny camera point of view and […]

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The Coach Who Would Be Pastor

Joe Kennedy isn’t an unusual person, especially for an American. He’s an assistant coach for a Seattle high school team. He’s been in this position since 2008, which means that he’s a respected member of the community. Something he does privately has garnered national attention. Should we be given extra scrutiny for what we do […]

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Disposable Heroes: The Weekend That Was

After a couple of weekends touring the southeast in search of the worst offensive football in America (off the bucket list), I stayed home this time. Heck, on Saturday I barely watched a moment of pigskin, instead hanging out with friends at a Halloween event then playing Cards Against Humanity. Sunday was the typical morning […]

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Full Immersion Football

For the next two weeks I am following a football team. It’s not unlike the people who “toured” with the Grateful Dead or Phish, going from concert to concert, forgetting where they were as they hunted down a communal experience. I doubt it involved a lot of punts. I joined the local Missouri alumni group […]

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Check out Sharona and Zach's Going for 2 show

Going for Two: We All Deserve to Be Slapped Edition

Early in this week’s show, I used a Larry Miller quote: “If women knew what men were thinking, they’d never stop slapping us.” I’m pretty sure Sharona didn’t think that was funny. Of course that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to introduce the bevy of “men behaving badly and nobody being shocked about it” […]

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