There are 30 teams in major league baseball. How many only have one style of cap? Look for the answer at the end of today’s column.

Ten teams have three different caps. Do the Colorado Rockies really sell that much merchandise?

I guess it doesn’t matter, because when I went shopping for my White Sox green St. Patrick’s Day cap, I saw that you can get a White Sox cap in pink, camouflage, and pretty much any color imaginable. Heck, most casual baseball fans think that the White Sox are a made-up team.

A minor annoyance: I get as bored as the average American trying to watch a baseball game. I thought that the interviews during last night’s game were extremely annoying. The ‘interview girl’ would ask the Brian Cashman, the Yankees GM, if the steroid suspension was ten days or ten games while the ball was in play. While it’s funny that a high-level baseball executive doesn’t know the answer to that simple question, who really cares?

Alex Sanchez was the first major-leaguer to be suspended for steroids. It’s interesting that he was the guy since he has four home runs in 1351 career at-bats. Imagine how his power numbers would look off the juice? Predictably, Sanchez declared that he only used over-the-counter vitamin supplements. That’s the standard line used by NFLers when suspended. And guess what, the suspension always holds up. The first NFL suspension is four games (1/4 of the season) as opposed to the ten-game suspension in MLB (about 1/18th of the season).

I played racquetball for the first time in many many years this Saturday. My gym has multiple locations (no plugs) so I decided to go to one with racquetball courts. After hitting the ball against the wall for a few minutes a challenger arrived. Here I was with my old racquet featuring a disintegrating handle overgrip, football gloves, and no goggles. I said sure. The game came back to me quickly. It’s a fun, fast game. It’s hard to get a ball by your opponent because if you hit it too hard the ball comes off the back wall. What was really cool about the experience is that my game instincts came back. I mixed my serve up between hard shots and lobs, and remembered that the ceiling shot is your friend when you’re getting tired. I won both games, and vowed to get some updated equipment. Ebay is great (OK, I’ll plug them) for that sort of thing and more.

In a sign that we’ll all be wearing plaid pants soon, Loreal put adverts for a male moisturizer in ESPN the Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and during the broadcast of last night’s Yankees/Red Sox game. I think they should go with the hot female models for the ads, though. The message of ‘compromise your manhood and this is the kind of woman you’ll date soon’ should be effective.

Trivia question answer: Eight major league teams (Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles, Milwaukee Brewers, San Francisco Giants, Florida Marlins, Seattle Mariners)

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