History witnessed at Turner Field

I think of myself as someone who’s rarely in the epicenter of history. Last night I could not avoid a collision course with destiny. Sure, empty seats are par for the course on a weeknight in April. This was fan apathy at its finest. Last night’s attendance for the Braves’ first matchup with the Washington Nationals was around 16,000, the smallest crowd in Turner Field history. I thought I was in the South Side of Chicago.

Turner Field was built to host events for the Olympics, and because of that, the stadium was built a bit large. Because of that it’s been hard to fill on a regular basis. It’s well known that the stadium doesn’t even regularly sell out for opening playoff rounds. They have gone to the playoffs 13 straight years, and have won one playoff series in the last five.

Yankee fans were moaning about the Red Sox receiving their World Series rings in front of them. Every Boston sports celebrity was invited. Rick Pitino’s invitation was lost in the mail. As Bobby Bacala said to Tony Soprano “To the victor, belongs the spoils.”

It’s time to get serious about NFL draft preparation. It’s probably not too late for me to order my Mel Kiper hair piece for our first annual NFL draft watching/poker tournament at my stately condo in sunny Buckhead. Yes, that’s the same Buckhead where Ray Lewis had that minor issue with the law so many years ago. There’s a lot of talk about the Titans trading down from the number six pick, and I’m all for it. They have ten draft picks so far, and more would not be unwelcome. If Andre Dyson re-signs with the team there is no position of critical need. There are a few that are close to critical, though.

The Titans recently signed former Cardinal Kyle Vanden Bosch. Wow, the Titans actually signed someone! OK, he’s far from an impact player, but a veteran DE is a good thing in a very young defensive line. At best he’ll put up comparable stats to Kevin Carter’s last couple of years. At worst he’ll provide depth. I barely remember what that word means in regards to the Titans’ roster.

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