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Yesterday I correctly predicted that the White Sox would lose their series finale for the fourth-straight time this year. Where was my bookie when I needed him? Note to wife: I have no bookie.

ESPN’s daily NFL draft preview SportsCenter show will be two hours a day starting today. I need to be in mid-season TiVo form to get through those. How many names will Trey Wingo screw up? Will Mel Kiper’s face turn blue as he rattles off twenty draft prospects off in one long rambling take? Will I actually learn something? I must suffer for my art.

The only thing certain about this last week before the draft is that a million rumors are going to circulate, and about three will be true. No one’s showing their cards until it’s time to draft. And why would they? This year’s draft is one of the craziest in years because there isn’t a clear-cut number-one guy. There are a bunch of really good players without the sure-thing superstar. That only makes draft day that much more interesting, and Paul Tagliabue has to be loving it.

Fantasy baseball can be frustrating, especially when you play head-to-head. This week my team hit .189. These are players who collectively have been to 20 All-Star games. When your team isn’t doing well in fantasy, you have very little power to change things. If a player sucks for a game or two in football you cut bait. In baseball every player sucks for a game or two. That’s why the early part of the season is insane. Our league leader has Clint Barmes, Joe Randa, and Brian Roberts as his top performers. In football that’s like Anthony Thomas, Joey Harrington, and Koren Robinson leading the charge.

In sports news today, the Boston Red Sox are leading the Toronto Blue Jays 9-5 in the top of the fifth. Curt Schilling has ten strikeouts in five innings, yet he’s given up five runs. He’s trying to push things because his wife is running the Boston Marathon and Schilling wants to meet her at the end of the route. Toronto pitchers used so far: David Bush and Brandon League. It’s no surprise that they’ve given up nine runs in four innings.

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