Titans 2005 draft picks

1.6 Adam Jones CB West Virginia
2.41 Michael Roos OT Eastern Washington
3.68 Courtney Roby WR Indiana
3.96 Brandon Jones WR Oklahoma
4.108 Vincent Fuller S Virginia Tech
4.113 Dave Stewart OT Mississippi State
4.136 Roydell Williams WR Tulane
5.142 Damien Nash RB Missouri
5.150 Daniel Loper OT Texas Tech
6.179 Bo Scaife TE Texas
7.218 Reynaldo Hill CB Florida

I’ve learned to let go and enjoy the Titans draft. After everyone in the world thought that the Titans would take Antrel Rolle as the first defensive player in the draft, they took Adam “Pac Man” Jones. My wife’s been in favor of Pac Man on our team because, well, she likes the name. This is the same wife who enjoyed an hour-long massage on me because she crushed me on NFL picks last year. Am I a fraud, or have I taught her too well? Time will tell.

As for Jones, I’ll admit that I didn’t watch countless hours of film to decide whether he was better than Rolle. I know that he’s faster and could be a productive kick returner for the team. Plus he wins the “looks most like Deion Sanders when he was drafted” award.

Our draft party had fizzled out by the time the Titans drafted in the second round. They traded down four picks with the Lions, earning an extra fourth-rounder in the process. Not only that, a first-round talent in Klalif Barnes, a left-tackle prospect out of Washington, was available. Talk about draft value. Mike Munchak, offensive line coach, worked him out privately. So what did they do? They drafted an offensive tackle out of Eastern Washington. Maybe Munchak visited this guy instead and the press reported the wrong name.

With their first third-round pick the Titans selected Courtney Roby out of Indiana. I actually predicted the Titans to draft him, albeit in the fifth round. That’s three receivers on the Titans roster now.

The compensatory pick for losing Jevon Kearse was Brandon Jones, a wide receiver out of Oklahoma. Between Roby, Jones, and Roydell Williams out of Tulane taken late in the fourth round the Titans will find a third wide receiver.

Damien Nash is a very young running back. He left the Missouri program after a falling out with the coach. As a Mizzou alum I can say that Nash’s comments about the pitiful play-calling by the Tigers only upset the coaching staff because they were accurate. He’s a long-term project and this selection ensures that the Titans believe that Chris Brown is ‘the man’ in 2005.

I don’t know enough about Dave Stewart, Vincent Fuller, Daniel Loper, or Reynaldo Hill to comment. Bo Scaife will be a good blocking tight end. He’s probably better long-term than Shad Meier, but that’s not saying much.

I don’t feel terribly confident about 2005 after these picks. No draft is properly rated until at least three years after the fact, so we’ll just have to wait.

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