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Here’s a thought on Pac Man Jones. I understand that the name came from his childhood, but when you’re looking to be a member of the nearly extinct species “cornerback de shut-down”, could you find a name that invokes actual speed? I’ve played Pac Man, and it’s quick only in comparison to watching grass grow. How many Sports Center anchors have already perfected their Pac Man death sound for when he gets burned in coverage?

I guess I shouldn’t worry since he’s already spent half his signing bonus on draft-day jewelry.

It’s interesting that I thought I was pushing it by predicting seven out of ten offensive players drafted. The Titans drafted eight offensive guys in eleven picks.

The Titans wanted Kyle Orton but he went to the Bears two picks before the Titans’ fourth-round pick.

Comments from draft professionals and posters at the Titanscentral message board:

Adam “Pac Man” Jones, CB West Virginia

Draft Insiders: “Has Pro Bowl cover and return abilities but must also address his tendency to be reckless at critical times.”

On Michael Roos, OT Eastern Washington (the ugly side of the state):

Draft Insiders: “The best small college tackle in the past decade.”

Many people thought that the Titans were crazy to pass on Khalif Barnes for this guy. Time will tell. His nickname is Big Country.

Courtney Roby, WR Indiana

Pro Football Weekly: “Likes to catch with his body, and not a natural catcher…”
Just like me!

Mark Bradley, WR Oklahoma

PFW: “Smooth strider with sneaky speed…”

Sneaky speed is better than no speed at all.

Vincent Fuller, FS Virginia Tech:

Mel Kiper, Jr.: “He still is unproven as a reliable tackler in run support”

Hello, last line of defense.

Titan53: “… he pays attention to detail, apparently his room while at Tech was spotless and the people on the Tech board seem to believe that goes along in line with how hard of a worker he is and his attention to detail.”

So we should scout only players with clean rooms. This could be the next level of scouting. I need to call Mel Kiper Jr. After I slit my wrists.

David Stewart, OT Mississippi State

Draft Insiders: “Tough physical durable and battle-tested blocker with a high level of experience and development on both sides at tackle”

Your 2005 starter at right tackle?

Roydell Williams, WR Tulane

Kiper: “Extremely smooth, fluid athlete, and is one of the more polished, fundamentally sound wide-outs in the draft”

Most ‘upside’ of the three drafted receivers.

Damien Nash, RB Missouri

Draft Insiders: “Fine lower body strength including thick thighs that allows him to run through defenders consistently…”

Thick thighs, eh?

Nastynas_87: “He reminds me of Amos Zereoue.”

When you’re looking for success, just take a gander at Amos Zereoue’s career. The Steelers handed him their starting running back job two years ago and Zereoue handed it right back.

Damien Nash is the kind of player who would come to the NFL if there was no age restriction. Nash was a redshirt junior who started less than one season at Missouri. He’s not ripe yet.

Daniel Loper, OT Texas Tech

Kiper: “Has outstanding feet and was dominating in many games in pass protection”

It’s hard to say how good Loper really is since he played at Texas Tech. Tech runs the spread offense with lots of quick passes so Loper didn’t have to hold his blocks too long.

Bo Scaife, TE Texas

Draft Insiders: “His sure hands, good mobility, and surprisingly sound blocking should allow him to be an early contributor in a number of roles”

In other words, he’s much better than Shad Meier. He also has two black belts, which means he can perform the chop block. Sorry, I had to do it.

Reynaldo Hill, CB Florida

The Tennessean: “He’s a productive pass defender with explosive straight-line speed. He mirrors receivers’ moves well and has good recovery quickness. He tends to play the ball more than the man and can be fooled by quarterback pump fakes. He does not show much route awareness in the zone.”

Hill ran a 4.36 40. He was not invited to the NFL scouting combine despite being a starter for the University of Florida at cornerback.

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