Can a true White Sox fan enjoy this hot start?

You’re a real White Sox fan when you look at the team’s incredible 2005 start and say “so when’s the bubble going to burst?” Even if all statistical evidence proves that they’re indeed a worthy division leader, there’s no overcoming the team’s history.

Why would White Sox fans be paranoid about their hot start? I don’t know, 2000, 1993, and 1983 come to mind. The 2000 team was on fire in the first half but tailed off in the second half. The 1993 team was the second-best team in the American League and lost a tough series to the eventual World Series champion Toronto Blue Jays. The 1983 team tanked in the playoffs.

And what of this team? What about their 16-4 start is all smoke and mirrors? I think this might be Jon Garland’s breakout year (after all, he will be a free agent). Garland is 4-0 with a 1.8 ERA and just shut down the As last night. The starting pitching as a whole is phenomenal, and was the key to the offseason and continued success in this campaign. Considering the entire pitching staff, only Luis Vizcaino and Shingo Takatsu have ERAs higher than 4. Takatsu’s four homers given up in less than six innings is especially alarming, but everything else is ridiculous.

Luis Vizcaino and Dustin Hermanson were bigger acquisitions than earlier thought. The bullpen is deep, which means no Jon Adkins (and there was much rejoicing) and less Cliff Politte. Hermanson has two saves and might take over the closer’s role.

Podsednik so far has overcome his low OBP reputation. Right now he has a solid seven walks in fourteen games, along with a mind-boggling nine stolen bases. If that’s the kind of leadoff hitting the Sox are going to see all season, the Twins better get used to being in second place.

Sure, the team’s nearly three to one strikeout to walk ratio isn’t great, and the combo of Rowand and Dye aren’t hitting worth a crap. That’s overcome by steady defense. The lack of power hitters could lead to some slumps, but no one’s seen any yet. El Duque and Contreras have injury histories, but Brandon McCarthy in AAA is ready to step in. If Takatsu can’t handle it as closer Damaso Marte and Dustin Hermanson have experience in that role. Right now the future is bright for the White Sox. Forgive me if I keep looking up for the sky to fall.

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