Monday throat-clearing

I’ll continue my rookie files later today. I’d like to inject a little personality into this blog by talking about my own life for a while.

After initially showing no interest, my wife suggested that we go see Kung Fu Hustle yesterday. It might be the best over-the-top kung fu movie ever, and this is coming from a guy who owns Drunken Master 2 and Iron Monkey. If you like fun action movies that don’t take themselves seriously, then this is the movie for you. It’s a guarantee that Hustle will be better than 99% of the overproduced Hollywood remake garbage that’s coming out this summer.

If you don’t believe me, believe
Roger Ebert.

The only problem with Alison liking the movie is she still thinks that some kind of reciprocity is in order. I may have bought her When Harry Met Sally, but that doesn’t mean I need to go see Beauty Shop with her.

The White Sox ended a three-game slide by taking the final two games of their series with the Tigers. Even Jon Garland’s mom didn’t think that Garland would be this good so far. He’s the team’s fifth starter and he has two shutouts in a row. Dustin Hermanson still hasn’t given up an earned run all year.

I sustained my urge to rant at yet another story about the Cubs’ cursed 2004 season in ESPN the Magazine. Instead of automatically getting red-faced about the national Cub love, I’m turning the other cheek and realizing that it’s just plain pathetic. So what if they sell out all their games and there are people who stand outside the stadium every game to catch home-run balls while someone who did that outside The Cell would probably get arrested. They can have their woe-is-us attitude and tears and Steve Bartman. My team is in first place.

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