Weekend rambling

In addition to being a mediocre writer I’m a fairly average flag-football player. Our local group was on the verge of collapse over the past months as defections left us just short of the minimum five required to play a game. Sure, it’s possible to play two-on-two, but we need our plays off and that’s only possible if two receivers are available on every play. So I posted a query for an Atlanta flag-football player on the football guy’s free-for-all board and within a day I had two responses. One guy showed up this Saturday.

When there’s an all-time QB there are two advantages. Since there’s no rush with an all-time QB, it’s like having the best offensive line ever. Also it gives everyone a chance to throw, and usually we’re done when we finish the rotation. See, we play all games to three touchdowns. Whoever gets three scores first wins, and that keeps the games relatively short.

Our game went to the infamous ‘next level’ when another group of players joined us from the other side of the field. We’ve played them before. They’re lawyers. So we went from bottom-of-the-barrel two-on-two to a full-field five-on-five massacre. I can tell why NFL teams wear jerseys that match. We wailed on those lawyers, who are nice people and made things competitive as we got into our fourth hour of competition. Yes, four hours. We usually play for two hours, tops. My back tightened up around hour three and didn’t really let up. It’s two days later and I’m still sore.

Are the Chicago White Sox the worst 24-7 team in major league history? I’m only saying this because just about any other major-league team with that kind of record would be getting magazine covers. I’m still a little worried that they’re on an eight-game winning streak and the Twins are only 4.5 games back. I can see writers across the country trying to backtrack from their “Tigers/Indians are going to contend this year” stories.

I’ll repeat something I posted on my fantasy baseball board. You could have taken infinity-to-one odds that the White Sox would have the best record in baseball at this point.

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