As trade winds blow

Before I get started, I wanted to point out that the two times the Chicago White Sox had a losing streak this season they’ve followed it with a winning streak. Jon Garland is our stopper? I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

Now I will proceed with my boring dynasty rookie draft tale:

One of my dynasty rookie drafts starts this morning. I had to wheel and
deal to get in the draft position I wanted. Julius Jones is one of my fine running backs. The Cowboys drafted Marion Barber III, who I think will be Jones’ eventual backup. One of the keys to running a successful dynasty team is to secure backups. This is especially important in leagues like the Zealots, where you have an NFL-esque 53-man roster. I had rookie pick 1.12 and thought that to be too high for
Barber. I traded 1.12 for 2.09, 3.09, and Shaun McDonald (12 teams in the league). McDonald was key because I already acquired Kevin Curtis and one of those guys is going to be Torry Holt’s running mate in St. Louis when Isaac Bruce retires.

I looked at all active rookie drafts and saw that in 12 of the 22 drafts did Barber last until pick 2.09. I got nervous. So I dealt 2.09 and 3.10 to move up to 2.05. I know, I burned a decent mid-round pick to move up four slots. The odds were much better (18 of 22 drafts) of Barber being at 2.05. I took him at 2.06 in another rookie draft. As Tom Petty once said, waiting is the hardest part, so I had to wait to see if my deals would bear fruit.

I finally got Barber. My pick, the 17th of the draft, was up approximately 2.5 days after the draft started. Why was that? Well, if an owner wasn’t trading half his roster for half of another team’s roster, he was taking ten hours to draft. If you enjoy crazy dynasty league trades, look here. Yes, that’s the Bears that managed to get three first-round rookie picks and now has Terrell Owens, Randy Moss, and Torry Holt as starting receivers. I think he wears other owners down with ridiculous mind-boggling trades.

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