Big Frank is back

Frank Thomas last played in the minor leagues in 1990, when he was MVP of the Southern League in AA. Last
he had his first AAA at-bat (and hit) in a rehab assignment for the Charlotte Knights. Frank suffered an ankle injury last summer and needed to get himself back in ‘game’ shape. That he did it in Ottawa was slightly bizarre. Frank Thomas may spend his 37th birthday in the minor leagues. He said he needs 40 to 70 at-bats to get ready for the major leagues. Big Frank in the three hole for the White Sox would be a wonderful thing indeed.

The White Sox followed a losing streak with a winning streak for the third time with an 7-0 win over the Texas Rangers today. Mark Buehrle moved his record to 7-1. Paul Konerko had a homer, which makes sense since I benched him today in my fantasy league. Now it’s time for a ‘road’ series against the Cubs. Watch out for falling concrete, boys.

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