Calling in sick

What happens when a rabid sports fan gets sick and can’t access the Net for 36 hours? Let’s find out.

No Titans have been arrested in the past 36 hours, although Ben Troupe broke his left foot in a non-contact injury. Joy. It seems likely that he’ll be OK for the season opener but he might miss a lot, if not all, of training camp. Our favorite video-game character Pacman Jones is still out of practice with his mysterious leg injury. If I were about to hand a guy 12 million like the Titans are to Jones, I’d be careful too.

It’s a banner week in the AUBL. My opponent for this week is my dad. I dragged my dad into fantasy sports and he took to it pretty well. In fact he beat me like a drum until I took him out twice last year. My dad’s so into the league that he bought the MLB extra innings package. It’s not helping him this week so far, because I’m winning 11-0.

It’s been a banner year for injuries in fantasy baseball. I was smart enough to create two DL positions in our yahoo league. I have four guys on the DL on my team. Most of my offensive All-Stars have been all crap. Victor Martinez, I believed in you! Both Paul Konerko and Eric Chavez haven’t topped .240 in average all year although Konerko’s at least hitting for a little power. With Bobby Crosby on the DL all year I’ve gone with SSBC (shortstop by committee). It’s not a good position to fill via the waiver wire. Any league where Barry Bonds has been released twice is a strange place indeed.

I have done well with my pitching at least. Mark Buehrle, Javier Vazquez, Roy Halladay, Kevin Millwood, Freddy Garcia, and Adam Eaton have been solid. I generally have to dump a starter or two in the first few weeks, but all I’ve done is add guys due to my full DL slots. I picked up Todd Jones and Ryan Dempster to get some cheap saves. It hasn’t been the best year for closers.

The White Sox scratched out another series win in Anaheim. Dustin Hermanson, considered an iffy acquisition at his $3 million price tag, earned his 11th save and has not given up an earned run all season. The White Sox have continued their amazing pitching through the end of May. The team is 19 games over .500 47 games into the season. There’s still a small part of me that thinks it’s all a dream.

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