Goodbye, Koren

Koren Robinson update: The Seahawks officially released him. It took the Seahawks a lot less time to decide to dump Robinson than it took the press to figure out that K-Rob was issued a DUI.

I’ll miss K-Rob, just because he helped me win the AUFL championship in 2002.

It’s poker night for me and the boys tonight. Recently we upped the stakes. We used to play for a nickel minimum bet. It’s up to a dime. Watch out, World Series of Poker, here we come.

Highlights from the Orange Beach trip: Orange Beach, Alabama is right on the Alabama/Florida border. Alison told friends that we were going to Florida. I don’t see the difference. The sand’s just as white and the necks are just as red.

On the final evening of our trip we went to an institution called the Florabama club. It, as the name suggests, is located on the border of Florida and Alabama. I think all of the bars are on the Alabama side, but I can’t be sure. We watched a cover band called the Lucky Doggs. Unfortunately the barkeep did not have the ingredients for an Alabama Slammer, so we took a suggestion from the next table and had a round of Bushwhackers. It was sort of like a milkshake, except that instead of ice cream there were approximately eight different kinds of liquor. I had my one and only Bushwhacker and went back to the condo.

One benefit of our condo was that it was very close to the grill. Since we live in a condo community in sunny Buckhead, we can’t have a grill. There’s nothing like a good steak cooked over the coals. I think I had steak each of the three nights we were in Alabama.

Orange Beach, and the surrounding Gulf Coast area, is still torn up from Hurricane Ivan. There are construction cranes everywhere. Who knows, you might even be able to get a deal down there this summer. Just don’t expect to find much in the way of restaurants.

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