We got three!

Three All-Stars for the Chicago White Sox is pretty impressive. That’s until you realize that 32 guys make the roster and there are 14 teams in the American League. Paul Konerko and Mark Buehrle make their second trip to the midseason classic, while Jon Garland will make his second appearance. Garland is tied for the major-league lead in wins. He’s a candidate to start the game.

Scott Podsednik is one of the five candidates for the fan-based vote on the final All-Star. This player will, at best, get one at-bat and might play an inning or two in the field. There are two Yankees in the running. Podsednik leads the major leagues in stolen bases, but I have about as good a chance of winning the vote.

Brandon McCarthy, the top pitching prospect in the White Sox pipeline, proved last night that he’s not ready for the major leagues. Giving up five runs in three innings against the Devil Rays is a sure sign. McCarthy is still 21, and before this year pitched less than half a season in AA. We’ll let him slide for now.

It’s the most boring time of the year for an NFL fan. Although training camps begin in less than a month there’s nothing happening. The only news of note lately is Ty Law’s trip around the NFL. Someone’s going to bite and sign this guy to some serious cabbage. The Titans would have to release another half-dozen guys to get him. Shaun Alexander said that he won’t play for the franchise number. There’s no chance that he misses regular-season time. I just don’t see it. The market for starting running backs may have dried up, but Shaun Alexander is a premium player. He’s a lock to go top-three in fantasy football redrafts.

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