Take your black eye and stick it where the sun don’t shine

Gary Sheffield said that Derek Jeter not being in the All-Star game was a ‘black eye for baseball’. Wasn’t it the fans who voted Scott Podsednik as the 32nd American League all-star? There might be more Yankee fans in Chicago than White Sox fans, yet our little guy that could made the team over Captain Intangibles. I think it might mean a smidge more for Podesdnik to get his one at-bat in the eighth inning tonight as opposed to Jeter, who probably could use the three days off.

Besides, Yankee fans will get plenty of coverage when their team plays the Red Sox this weekend. After a couple of days covering the entire league, the baseball establishment can pay attention to the only two teams that matter. It’s going to be really sad when one of these teams misses the playoffs.

Mark Buehrle is the American League starter. Sure it took Roy Halladay’s leg getting cut in half in his last start for it to happen, but it did. In a year in which the Sox have their best team in almost half a century, it makes sense that home-field advantage in the World Series goes through Buehrle for an inning or two.

Barring some kind of natural disaster, my dad will join the AUFL this year. One of the original owners can’t make it, and we’re trying to have every owner make it to the live draft this year. Last year two owners had to send a proxy list, and that was just wrong. You’d think that I’m dragging my dad into the league for easy money. Since we don’t play for money and my dad’s already in two leagues with me already, this is not the case. I took special pride in beating my dad in the AUBL playoffs. Sure, it was just fantasy baseball, but it counts in the standings. Bring it on, OBL.

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