Ebay madness

I sunk to a new personal low today. I bought coupons on ebay. This comes from the man who once bought food on ebay. That purchase was a 100-count box of Pria Carb Select bars. The bars sell for $1.50 at the store, and that’s on sale. The box cost me $30, including shipping. Sure, the bars were expired, but how do you tell if a protein bar is expired these days? I did abandon the box about 2/3 of the way through but I got my money’s worth.

The coupons were for my new addiction, Eclipse mints. I couldn’t find a 100-count box of them on ebay. The mints cost about $1.50 (see a trend here?) a box, which I think is robbery. So I went to ebay and purchased 20 $1 off coupons for less than four bucks. This is a cottage industry that I think has upside. Buy a ton of Sunday papers, clip like mad, then post on ebay. Watch the money roll in. I could see a solid profit per paper, assuming that someone wants to buy 20 coupons for kitty litter. Hmm, we are kind of low on litter.

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