Quick Sox notes

That was rookie Brian Anderson, a 2003 first-round draft pick, who hit those two home runs off uber prospect Felix Hernandez in the Sox’ 5-3 Friday-night win. Orlando Hernandez, who started for the Sox, may be double Felix’s age. Maybe triple.

Consecutive series wins at Minnesota and Seattle give me hope. I’d like a 3-1 series win at Texas but I’d take a 2-2.

Every day that Griffey trade looks better and better. Then again I’m not sure what the playoff lineup would be. One guy between Podsednik, Rowand (can’t bench his defense), Dye, Everett, or Kong would have to sit. I expect the Sox to stand pat. Right now their pitching would have to be spectacular to advance in the playoffs. Podsednik is done resting his strained adductor muscle (I have no idea what that is) and should help energize the sleepy offense. Brandon McCarthy is up for the doubleheader tomorrow against the Rangers. Jeff Bajenaru is up from Charlotte. He’s a better option than most of the AAAA guys who’ve been up this year.

Joe Crede injured his right middle finger when he took a pitch there during a bunt attempt last week. Watch for Pablo Ozuna to start at third for the time being. I’d like to see Josh Fields, a 2004 draft pick who’s been pretty solid for AA Birmingham, get a start or two when rosters expand on September 1.

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