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Here’s why the NCAA confuses people: Matt Leinart was applauded for staying in school for his ‘senior’ year. Apparently it’s fine for him to take one lousy class this semester since that’s all he needs to graduate. The class is ballroom dancing. Methinks Leinart’s dance card is already full.

I can see why in the annual Sports Illustrated NFL preview why the Titans are predicted to finish fourth in the AFC South. I’d like any so-called expert to explain how the Jaguars and Texans got better this offseason. I don’t see it.

I’d say the same about the Colts. The signing of signed Corey Simon could be huge. I really don’t know if he’s the final piece for that undersized, athletic squad but he won’t hurt.

I don’t have a ton to say about the Titans’ final 53-man roster. After Troy Edwards displayed his proficiency at dropping punts he was an obvious cut. There’s almost no room to hire a full practice squad. There’s a chance that a veteran kicker like the loser in Tampa, either Matt Bryant or Todd France, could take over for Rob Biornas. There is a one-week roster exception for Brad Hopkins, who’s injured and suspended for week one. Michael Roos is the likely starter at left tackle, but the starter at right tackle is uncertain. I don’t think the coaches want two rookie tackles going against the experienced Steelers defense. Jacob Bell is the best option but center Justin Hartwig played some tackle in the preseason.

The Missouri Tigers looked pretty solid in their 44-17 win over Arkansas State. Brad Smith had four passing touchdowns. The pocket-bound Smith of 2004 is gone. He led the team with 95 rushing yards. Sophomore William Franklin was the team’s leading receiver, and he might crack my fantasy team’s starting lineup next week. Another interesting note is that true freshman Chase Daniel came in to relieve Smith. I’m going to ignore that ASU’s starting tailback averaged 6.7 yards a carry.

I have to feel good about the Tigers’ chances in the Big 12 North. Kansas and KSU played Florida Atlantic and Florida International, respectively. These were considered to be two of the worst teams in Division 1-A. KSU won by 14 and Kansas won by 11. Nebraska, supposedly tons better than 2004’s 5-6 team, beat Maine 25-7. Iowa State beat 1-AA Illinois State by 11. Colorado beat CSU by 31-28. CSU isn’t supposed to be anything special in the Mountain West this year.

It was a pretty bad day for the Big 12. Oklahoma State beat Montana State 15-10. Oklahoma and Texas A&M were upset by unranked opponents. Heck, Baylor’s win over SMU looks pretty good right now. Texas dominated, but did you expect UL-Lafayette to put up a fight?

I’ll finish by stating that I benched D.J. Shockley on my fantasy college team. He only scored six touchdowns. I predict another year of high-scoring losses for the Missouri Tigers of the KCFA3.

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