As the week turns

Last night I joined the wife on a corporate 5K run/walk. I trained for a month and felt confident that I could run the distance. Well, it turned out to be tougher than expected. More than 10,000 participants made the course a traffic jam that even the most veteran Atlanta driver would consider fierce. There were start positions for runners and walkers, but when I got to the middle of the runners and the race started half of the people walked. It was three or four minutes before I even got to the starting point. After mile two and massive hill three I petered out. I walked/ran the final mile and then walked back to meet my wife who was with the walkers. She knows her limits.

I will be in Nashville for the Titans/Ravens on Sunday. I don’t have high hopes for a victory, but the chances are better for a win than last week. The defense is just as fierce, although I fear Ray Lewis’ facial expressions a lot more than his play. The Titans need to put eight, and maybe nine, in the box to stop Jamal Lewis much like they did in the Wild Card playoff game in January of 2004. Anthony Wright has more weapons, but he is Anthony Wright. The Titans need to run right at the Ravens with Chris Brown and Travis Henry. Watch Ray-Ray touch Brown after a tackle and get credit for an assist. If Tyrone Calico can’t get open for a deep ball by game four, he needs to see the bench and let Brandon Jones start. It’s going to be a tough game, but the Titans can win if they keep the turnovers down and they don’t need a clutch field goal.

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