To collapse is divine

I have a new theory on the White Sox’s recent collapse. I think it’s a good thing. Five years ago the White Sox were white hot in the first half of 2000. They coasted to a division title and were swept out of the playoffs by the Seattle Mariners (remember when they were good?).

Now the Injuns are right on the Sox’ heels. Last night’s game was a stomach punch with the Sox rallying to overcome a 4-0 deficit and then watching Aaron Boone hit a two-out single in the 8th for the deciding runs. At this point in the season the starters, who were brilliant for the first three months of the season, can’t seem to get out of the sixth without giving up four runs. The offense can’t get more than five runs consistently. Dustin Hermanson, once unhittable as closer, is battling injuries and running on fumes.

As a White Sox fan, I know that it’s going to be all right. If the team fails to make the playoffs (unlikely) or gets blown out early (quite possible), I can rest assured that the media will forget (except for the Chicago Tribune) a week after it’s over. I won’t forget, though.

Oh yeah, the Ravens still suck.

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