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How do you build a dynasty winner? It’s not simply a matter of drafting well. There are a lot of factors, including trades not made. When it comes down to having a staggering 53 roster spots, there are a lot of potential deals to be made. Since I have this forum I’m going to break down my two roster squads by position. This time I’ll talk about my quarterbacks.

In the z17 inaugural draft (April of 2004), I took the following quarterbacks:

6.05 Steve McNair
13.01 Jake Delhomme
16.02 Tim Rattay
21.07 Billy Volek
32.04 Drew Brees
47.01 Dave Ragone
53.02 Kirk Farmer (good ‘ol Missouri boy)
5.12 rookie draft Matt Schaub

As you can see, I didn’t reach for any of my quarterbacks and ended up with a solid group. Drew Brees was an especially nice reach. I undid that great pick when I let Brees go for a couple of rookie picks in last year’s rookie draft. When I got to the title game this year, my opponent had Brees. In 2005 I picked up Andrew Walter, Stefan Lefors, and Kyle Orton in the rookie draft. The value was there. I go into 2006 with Jake Delhomme as my starter. He’s a borderline fantasy starter. McNair might give me one more year as a backup. I’m hoping that Matt Schaub will get a starting shot next year. I’ll have to wait for the inevitable Vick injury. I could use a stud at the position, for sure.

In the z34 inaugural draft (March of 2005), I took the following quarterbacks:

6.03 Ben Roethlisberger (traded up)
9.11 Jake Plummer
15.07 Billy Volek
16.08 Steve McNair (traded up)
31.12 Matt Schaub
3.03 rookie Andrew Walter

As you can tell, I like Matt Schaub and Andrew Walter. I traded up for Roethlisberger which I didn’t have to do. I made eight different draft deals. Plummer started eight games for me and probably will be my number one guy next year. Roethlisberger can be a spot starter and McNair does play the Texans twice next year. I feel pretty good that next year’s 1.04 rookie pick will become either Matt Leinart or Vince Young.

It’s running back time. With three potential starters (one flex), there is a definite scarcity. Let’s see how my dynasty teams stack up at the position.

In the z17 inaugural draft, I took the following running backs:

1.01 LaDainian Tomlinson
4.01 Deshaun Foster
6.03 Correll Buckhalter
10.03 Eddie George
12.10 Artose Pinner
26.11 Mike Anderson
31.03 Jamal Robertson
1.02 rookie Julius Jones
3.02 rookie Michael Turner
2.05 Marion Barber
4.03 Darren Sproles

My first draft wasn’t solid at RB. I got Tomlinson to start, a nice piece I’ll admit, but I really didn’t have a RB2 when the draft was over. I traded a ton (two first rounders and a second) to get Julius Jones. Since Jones was hurt most of last year I traded Anquan Boldin and Keith Bulluck for Kevin Jones. I was set up at RB for the next five years, or so I thought. My perceived running back situation had me trade or outright release Mike Anderson and Deshaun Foster in the offseason. I did set up my roster so I had backups for Tomlinson, Jones, and Jones. My one great in-season move was to pick up Samkon Gado. I need the Jones boys to step up or else my long-term plans are pretty much shot.

My z34 inaugural draft picks at RB:

1.10 Julius Jones
3.05 Larry Johnson
5.04 Warrick Dunn
9.08 Mewelde Moore
16.06 Chester Taylor
27.06 Shaud Williams
48.06 Josh Davis
49.01 Reshard Lee
1.03 Cedric Benson
1.10 Eric Shelton
2.06 Marion Barber
Deandra Cobb rookie FA

My RB experience in z17 had me drafting RBs early and often. Four out my first eight regular and my first three rookie draft picks were running backs. I knew that I’d have to be patient with LJ and it worked out. Julius Jones might be no better than a RB2. Warrick Dunn had his best year, and may have one more solid year. A new head coach in Minnesota could help Moore’s career. I have to decide in the offseason whether to trade a 2007 first-rounder for Thomas Jones to consolidate the Bears’ running attack. Taking a bunch of running backs left my team weak in other areas, like linebacker, WR2, and TE. I’d like to trade off some of the surplus but no one’s bit so far. I think the 1.04 rookie pick could be a QB, but if a top RB like Deangelo Williams drops I’m taking him.

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