Dynasty continued

Last time I blogged, I discussed the sticky situation of dynasty leagues and skill positions. I got through quarterbacks and running backs, and I’m sure my readership of three is dying to hear how I’m doing in the wideout department. Both teams are rather weak in that department, to be honest. It’s a good thing that there’s a crappy crop coming out in this year’s draft, eh?

In z17 I have the following wideouts:

Reggie Wayne
Kevin Curtis
Jerry Porter
Antonio Chatman (RFA)
Isaac Bruce
Michael Jenkins
Arnaz Battle
Shaun McDonald
Nate Burleson

Here’s how I got my guys:

Original draft: 3.11 Anquan Boldin (traded); 6.7 Justin McCareins (traded in part of a deal to get Jerry Porter); 8.05 Isaac Bruce; 10.01 Reggie Wayne (nice); 15.11 Kelly Washington; 27.11 Nate Burleson (great value at the time); 33.08 Reche Caldwell; 2.08 rookie Michael Jenkins, rfa Clarence Moore

I traded Boldin and McCareins. I picked up Jerry Porter and Arnaz Battle in rookie draft trades. I drafted Craphonso Thorpe in the sixth round of the rookie draft and released him before the season started. The rest of the guys are free agent pickups.

How did things get this bad? I scored with Wayne and as long as he stays a Colt he’ll be a borderline WR1/WR2 guy. Kevin Curtis could be huge, or he could be the next great hyped white wideout to flame out. Jerry Porter is decent but never will be a star. Isaac Bruce is done. I’d give up Chatman for a pack of gum at this point. I have some hope in Nate Burleson being a contributor. I’m not sure if he’s a number one wideout anymore. Injuries do that to a man’s confidence. As a result of my poor planning I’m making free agent bids on guys like Ronald Curry and Drew Carter. Actually I’m targeting Carter in two leagues. I have the 1.11 pick which could be the number two or three wideout in this thin class.

Oh yeah, you can’t forget that I traded Keith Bulluck and Anquan Boldin for Kevin Jones. Talk about buying high.

In z34 I have the following wideouts:

Torry Holt (3.06 draft)
Donte Stallworth (14.02 draft)
Ashlie Lelie (5.07 draft)
Michael Jenkins (22.05 draft)
Shaun McDonald (33.10 draft)
D.J. Hackett (free agent)
Nate Burleson (7.06 draft)
Roydell Williams (rookie draft)
Vincent Jackson (rookie draft)
Clarence Moore (26.09 draft)
Ronald Curry (free agent)

As you can see, things could be worse. You could win some money from buddies with the knowledge that D.J. Hackett was a better fantasy wideout in 2005 than Nate Burleson. McDonald was my WR8 in z17 but he’s my WR5 in z34. Ouch. I did plan OK for wideouts but early-round picks like Burleson and Lelie flamed out. I should have known better than Lelie. The problem with my lower guys is that there’s not much room for growth. Curry could push Porter but he gets injured too much. Jackson could be a force in San Diego but it might take two more years. Michael Jenkins has Mike Vick at QB. I don’t think Donte Stallworth will ever be anywhere close to a guy who was worth a top 15 overall draft slot in the NFL. He actually was the number 19 wideout in our format, which isn’t bad for a 14th-round selection. The problem is I benched him on his three top scoring weeks.

With a stud in Holt I can afford to suffer a bit at WR 2 and WR3 but not this much. Perhaps I could trade down a slot or two in the rookie draft (I’m at 1.04) to get Santonio Holmes. He’s supposed to be the top wideout selected in April.

Don Banks said that he thought the Titans would take Jay Cutler over Vince Young at 1.03. It’s possible. I could see Cutler being a more pro-ready quarterback. Young played almost exclusively in the shotgun in college. So did McNair. I know QB is probably the right way to go at 1.03. Unless you get lucky and find a Roethlisberger or a Marino, drafting a QB that early means you’re ready to do the football equivalent of rebooting your computer. I’d rather not be in Year 2 of a four-year process.

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