Well defended

The White Sox started their title defense with a 10-4 pounding of the Indians last night. I watched the first four innings and was well asleep by the time the extended rain delay was over. I didn’t see too much of note, other than Buehrle giving up a homer to Eduardo Perez. He isn’t an ace like Johan Santana, and generally he’s going to give up three runs in his seven innings. Brian Anderson looked like he belonged at the plate and on the field. Thome hit one out. It was nice.

Speaking of the Sox, I saw them twice in person over the weekend. As my three readers know, I live in Atlanta, so a White Sox visit is very rare. I saw them get crushed 14-3 when they visited three years ago. On Friday I tailgated with a couple of friends and saw the game from the nice outfield seats. The game as a whole was kind of boring with the middling knuckleballer Charles Haeger starting for the Sox. Jim Thome hit a home run in the ninth to help the Sox put the game away.

On the way to the game my wife called me to say that she got tickets for the Saturday game. The key to this is that they were company tickets, and not just any company tickets, we’re talking evil lawyer tickets. I rounded up some friends. It rained most of the night but by the time we arrived it was sunny and quite warm. We discovered that our sixth row seats were actually right on the dugout. Not only were they great seats, we had personal food service. The Millers were so glad to get the seats that they bought food and drink for me and Mrs. Law for the entire game. Everyone had a great time, except for young Madeline Miller, who considered a brief appearance on the JumboTron to be a personal affront. Turner Field features a 100-foot-tall plasma screen TV. I’d pay for season tickets to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on that sucker.

The icing on the cake was that the Sox won both games. I can even forgive that my middle relief dark horse for my dynasty team Oscar Villarreal got shelled in the second game. To even my karma, I dropped Brad Wilkerson for Jim Thome in my Yahoo league and took advantage of his 2.75 OPS last night.

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