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I’m fine with the Titans taking Vince Young at number three. I’m not fine with them dumping his ‘father figure’ in Steve McNair. It makes no sense to start the year with Billy Volek or Matt Mauck (double yikes) at quarterback. That’s the one piece of the puzzle that probably means Fisher and/or Reese are gone at the end of the year. Why put your team back together without a seasoned quarterback? Don’t start me on the Kerry Collins rumors.

I think Vince Young will be able to figure out the difficult center-to-quarterback exchange. His throwing motion won’t be an issue, since all quarterbacks get balls knocked down. The issue of him having less-than-stellar arm strength should be moot with the Titans dink-and-dunk offense. There’s no reason to rush him, other than fans are losing interest with nine wins in the past two years and the coaching staff might completely change in 2007 if they don’t contend for a playoff spot. No quarterback deserves that kind of pressure.

I love the selection of LenDale White in the second round. Hey, look, the Titans picked a guy who actually played in Norm Chow’s offensive system! When the Titans have a third and two this year, I won’t automatically head to the restroom because of the inevitable punt. Chris Brown and Travis Henry (remember when he started over Willis McGahee?) have taken notice. Jarrett Payton and Damien Nash might want to look into finishing their college degrees. I did like that the Titans traded down and still got a good player.

Fourth-round pick Calvin Lowry looks like a special-teams pick. He returned punts in college and was a part-time starter at SS. The Titans did need another safety. Stephen Tulloch and Terna Nande were outside linebackers in college. They are special-teams fodder. Fifth-round selection Jesse Mahelona is a developmental project.

I’m not sure why, after drafting three guys last year and picking David Givens up in the offseason, the Titans felt like they needed another wideout. Jonathan Orr must have been a great value at his draft slot. I guess it’s a good thing that most second-day picks look like special-teams guys. Cortland Finnegan of Samford is a fast free safety who might return kicks. Spencer Toone has a shot because he’s projected as a middle linebacker, and the Titans don’t really have an ideal fit at that position. The selection of Quinton Ganther means that Troy Fleming shouldn’t buy any real estate in Nashville. It’s a good idea to open up the fullback spot for competition because Fleming isn’t a blocker and his pass-catching ability is moderate at best.

I thought the Titans could use some OL and CB depth, but unlike every other draft columnist I won’t pretend to know how these guys will do.

I just heard a radio interview with Falcons second-round selection Jimmy Williams, and I have to say he must be really talented. He comes off as another no-fault spoiled college athlete. I didn’t know that he bumped into an official before the Gator Bowl. From his account, it must have been the wind or the trash-talking of the Louisville players that knocked him into the ref. Is there a new Constitutional Amendment against admitting fault ever?

In terms of pure talent, getting a 6’3 corner into the Falcons lineup is huge. That was a good trade-up. He also likes that Atlanta “has a lot of black people”. Yes, that’s a quote.

I have two rookie drafts coming up, and I need to start cramming for the big exam. My picks are like this:

Z17: 1.11, 2.11, 3.11, 4.12, 5.11, 6.11

As you can see, I did well in that league. I’m in need of WR and QB help, so I might actually get a decent guy at 1.11. I doubt Leinart or Young drops to 1.11, so maybe I should trade up. I’m not excited about Holmes or Jackson at WR, since both Pittsburgh and New England are run-first teams.

Z34: 1.04, 2.05, 2.07, 3.03, 3.04, 4.04, 6.04

At 1.04 I either get the top QB or the 4th running back. If I have to choose between Leinart/Young/LenDale/Addai I might tilt. If D Williams or L Morency drop to 1.04, that’s my pick. I have tons of quarterbacks, so I don’t need Leinart or Young. The potential stud factor is a lot. If I could get value in a trade (two first rounders), then I might do that. I need LB and DE depth and that’s where I’m probably going with my 3rd round picks.

Isn’t it interesting that the Texans had a day to screen a jersey with Mario Williams’ new jersey number, and they didn’t? The fact that Vince Young was the only player in the first round with his actual jersey number ready is interesting.

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