Love them Sox

The White Sox started the season 1-4 and have been 19-5 since. What’s strange about their season is that they’ve lost three games to the Royals. Yep, the Sox are 4-3 against the Royals this year so far. What’s impressive about the Sox so far is that they’re winning despite terrible production from the leadoff and number nine holes. Scott Podsednik’s average is up to .264, and he leads the team with eight stolen bases. I don’t know if he’ll be the LF to open 2007. Brian Anderson is batting .141 in center, and uber backup Rob Mackowiak is batting .192. I can see why the Pirates let Mackowiak go. He’s versitale and can play multiple positions but his hitting is sub-par. Cliff Politte and Jon Garland have seen precipitous falls from their 2005 production. Garland has to be worried since last year was his career outlier and he turned down a long-term offer from the Sox. One of the five starting pitchers is gone at the end of the year (and perhaps before the trading deadline).

What’s somewhat shocking is that the Tigers are .5 games out and are tied for the second best record in the major leagues. Maybe managing does make the difference. The Marlboro Man, otherwise known as Jim Leyland, has been excellent so far. Perhaps they’re the 2005 version of the Baltimore Orioles, who led their division until July then sunk like a stone.

In the Titans’ rookie minicamp, Vince Young looked somewhat shaky. Remember that he was playing with a group of guys who for the most part are going to be watching NFL football this fall. I’m intrigued with Johnathan Orr as a wideout. He’s been compared to Justin McCareins (that would be the 2003 version). It’s obvious that Tyrone Calico is all but cut, so maybe Orr is the deep threat the team needs.

With the 11th pick in the 2006 zealots 17 rookie draft, I took Brian Calhoun. Vince Young went one pick in front of me. With the 11th pick in the second round, I got Greg Jennings. The league I commish is going to try a live rookie draft next Sunday night. That should be a fun experience. I have the number four pick overall and I wonder if I should go with Addai or LenDale White. When I see Addai I think of Julius Jones, who I took number two overall in a rookie draft two years ago. I took opportunity over talent with that pick. I think White has the talent but Addai may have the opportunity. With a deeper team, you have to go with talent every time.

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