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How do I keep up with my fantasy leagues? Here are my teams and their stati (plural for statuses).

Zealots 17: Rookie draft is over. Free agency/auctions are active but I already have a maxed out roster at 60 guys. My team is set. I have to drop seven guys before the season starts.

Zealots 34: Rookie draft is over. Free agency/auctions are active. I have 59 players so I can pick up one more guy. Even if I pick up one more guy he has to survive the cut-down to 53 players. Every trade I’ve made in the offseason has netted me extra players, so it’s going to be hard to hold onto a new acquisition.

AUFL: My likely keepers are Jake Plummer, Edgerrin James, and Randy Moss. I traded my third-rounder for Moss. I need to draft really well.

AUBL (Yahoo baseball): There’s something worse than a sucky team. There’s a really mediocre team. I tend to forget to change my starting pitchers on time.

GDR (Buckhead Green Sox): This is the contract/auction dynasty league. My 7-1 start was tempered by league-wide malaise. There’s an option to fire-sale your team after a bad year. Nearly half the league voted for fire sales. There’s no penalty to do so, and you get to start from scratch with all contacts and players wiped out. I have 14 guys signed on for $93 million next year, so I’ll have to get lucky and fill my roster with scrubs.

Here are the events going on in my leagues at the same time. In reaction to the firesale hysteria, my friend the Commish decided to start a new league. It’s a 12-team league with the same rules. The Free Agent Blitz starts tomorrow. A week from Thursday the minor league draft starts in both leagues. I need long-term help at 2B, SP, and OF with the Green Sox. I can build my new team, the Second City Swatters, any way I choose.

I have started a football mock draft for Sports Outlaw. Yes, I’m on a new fantasy site’s staff. I got the 11th overall pick, and with it I took Mr. Consistency, Peyton Manning. He was overpriced last year in the first half of the first round but I love him near the turn. I got Willis McGahee in round two. I don’t think that I’ll draft a crazy squad.

Even though I don’t know any of the players, a World Cup fantasy team might be fun. It might be fun if teams scored more than two goals a game. I’m considering adjusting my work schedule so I can at least see the U.S. games.

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