Bracket Buster

I picked the right year to stop caring about the NCAA tournament. There were 16 games yesterday. Two had close finishes. There were three upsets, and two of them were in 8/9 games, which are pretty much a push. I watched the last ten minutes of the Duke/VCU game and enjoyed it almost as much as if I were watching the Ravens lose. I’ll watch a few minutes this afternoon while getting my hair cut and I’m sure that it will be off and on this weekend, but I won’t go out of my way.

My fantasy baseball draft was this Tuesday. I signed up for my Yahoo league mere hours after the leagues opened up, and I was lucky to get an evening time for the draft. It’s always tough to have a draft weeks before the season starts. None of the key position battles have been figured out, and taking a post-injury guy is a big risk. I read extensively, but so did the rest of the league. Well, most of the league. One of our owners had trouble figuring out what a “P” was toward the end of the draft. He’s one of the owners who finished ahead of me last year in my first non-playoff season ever. I went pitcher-heavy and didn’t pick a true 3B until the 18th round, as the position was so deep. After hearing rumors that Rich Aurilia will hit cleanup for the Giants, behind Bonds, I had to take a chance with him. How many clean-up hitters have eligibility at all infield positions? Yeah, he’s old, but where’s the fun without risk?

I’d also like to congradulate the Titans for finally making a solid FA move. If the Pacman legal issues resolve themselves, and I think they will, the Titans have a solid secondary at least. RB, WR, FS, and the entire defensive line minus VandenBosch worry me now. I wish that they’d just give Fisher his extension and get on with it.

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