A baseball dynasty auction can be fun if you’re in the right state of mind. I’m on day two of my second one this year and I haven’t quite gotten into it yet. I’m already in two leagues and I think three is the tipping point. While any initial league auction/draft is probably the most fun, it’s a lot of work and preparation, and if you haven’t done the work, it shows. In this league, it shows.

When you have $100 million, 17 roster spots, and 50 contract years, staying on top of things isn’t easy. 60 players go into auction in a two-hour period. This repeats five times, so 120 players get signed or go on the market every 24 hours. At the end of these five waves, you better have a core of players. You also better have spent wisely. If you gave Francisco Liriano a three-year deal last summer, you have to eat at least one of them as he recovers from shoulder surgery. Keeping contract year and financial flexibility in future years is critical as each year brings additional free agency periods.

At the end of the first wave, my team looks like this. I’ll have Matt Capps, a reliever, and Orlando Cabrera, a shortstop. Ian Kinsler and Scott Olsen are in the yellow, which means I have a contract offer similar to one or multiple other teams. I made offers that were easily eclipsed for Jeremy Bonderman and Jesse Barfield (seeing if the market was better or worse than that for Kinsler). Last year I was nearly broke by the end of the second wave. Guys got bargains on the final couple of waves since there were fewer teams to compete.

The Titans signed former Missouri WR Justin Gage. The former Chicago Bear caught four passes last year. His career high is 31 receptions. At least his knee isn’t blown out. Last year the Titans made something out of a former Bear castaway receiver in Bobby Wade and Wade signed a free-agent deal with the Vikings. If Gage equals Wade’s 33 catches for 461 yards and two scores, he’s all right in my book. I don’t know if he’s a slot receiver or just roster fodder. The Titans also signed linebacker Ryan Fowler from the Cowboys. Fowler has a career high of 21 tackles. Maybe he’s a good special teams guy with upside. The Titans actually look OK at LB, although any help with depth will be appreciated. I guess eight figures is what gets a solid backup LB these days. $5 million is guaranteed. Yikes.

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