Early season magic

The White Sox may have blown their opener, but my fantasy teams are doing well.

In the AUBL, I’m winning 11-0 in my opening-week tilt. My opponent just closed on a house and doesn’t have Internet, so Chone Figgins has remained in her starting lineup. Good times. My fantasy-baseball-challenged friend Don released two guys currently on the DL (Randy Johnson, Chien-Ming Wang) when we have two DL slots on the roster. The guy’s on spring break but he’s more interested in e-mailing me all day and asking a thousand questions about an iPod. Don, go here.

After two days, in which most teams have played one game, we have some unusual leaders. Sure, Miguel Cabrera is number one, which isn’t surprising. Xavier Nady is ranked number eight overall. The top pitcher is Felix Hernandez (how long will that last), and number two is the immortal Salomon Torres, leading the majors with two saves. Break up the Pirates! No one in our league picked up Gil Meche yet.

Congrats to the Florida Gators. I thought New England Patriots fans had big heads after three out of four Super Bowl victories. I think we’re setting a new standard in over-the-top success. I watched about ten minutes of the finale. Ohio State might want to recruit some guys who can hit the three. That’s my deep analysis.

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