One Draft Completed

The Titans made the playoffs last year. They fell short of a title, and because of that, changes were necessary.

Needing a running back, the Titans made bold moves. Shaun Alexander was available, for a price. Ignoring persistent rumors about a broken foot, the Titans bit.

Of course, these aren’t the real Titans. This is one of my two dynasty teams, named the Titans due to the league’s intelligent rule requiring an NFL team name for your fantasy team. I traded Larry Johnson away for Willis McGahee, Chris Chambers, and Jerious Norwood.

I lost in the championship game. It was not a close game. Because of that, I made some moves. I moved Larry Johnson, Jake Plummer, Willis McGahee, Julius Jones, and my first-round pick (11th) for Jerious Norwood, Chris Chambers, Tony Romo, and Shaun Alexander. I sold high with Larry Johnson, and considering that the Chiefs have brought in zero help at offensive line, I feel like I made a good move. A late first-round pick turned into Tony Hunt, who isn’t going to be the primary running back for the Eagles. Here are the results of my rookie draft:

Draft pick Player
1.08 Michael Bush
2.01 Sidney Rice
2.11 Lawrence Timmons
3.10 John Beck
3.11 Jacoby Jones
4.11 David Harris
5.11 Sabby Piscatelli
6.11 DeShawn Wynn

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Bush was too good of a value to pass up. Rice is a receiver named Rice. Timmons was the top available LB. John Beck looks like the QB of the future for the Dolphins. Jacoby Jones is a small-school WR with the dreaded “upside.” David Harris will line up next to Jonathan Vilma, so his potential is limited. Sabby Piscatelli could be the next John Lynch. DeShawn Wynn is a seventh-round draft pick running back, which everyone in a dynasty league must draft because you never know.

Because the top team in the league is so stout, I feel like I need those high upside guys to have a chance. That came into play in my draft decisions. We’re in the midst of the post-draft free agency process, which is almost more fun than the draft itself.

In other news, the Sox avoided a sweep at the hands of the dreaded Cubs. In the last two days, David Aardsma gave up nine runs in 1.1 innings. Aardsma was property of the Cubs last year.

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