Two tens

In six days, I’m heading to Las Vegas. It’s the long-awaited annual one-week vacation. Heck, I’m taking a whole six days off work. The trip will begin and end in Vegas. Naturally, I have high hopes for my results at the blackjack table. I also know that sometimes you’ll get two tens against a dealer six. The dealer is likely to have 16 and bust. Sometimes the dealer has a six and four, drawing an ace for a painful defeat.

Last night, Missouri had what it took to beat Oklahoma. With the rash of upsets in college football, a Missouri victory would have catipulted them into serious national title discussion. Sadly, four turnovers were enough to ensure a somewhat comfortable Oklahoma victory. When Chase Daniel handed the ball off to Jeremy Maclin, and neither took it, that was game over.

The Titans had a solid shot at beating a pretty good but injury-wracked Tampa Bay squad today. Unfortunetely, two turnovers in Buc territory, along with an untimely Vince Young injury, led to a 13-10 defeat. Kerry Collins made a few throws during the game-tying drive that Young can’t currently make. If Collins hadn’t taken two sacks once the team was in field goal range early in the fourth quarter, the game would have been overtime bound at worse. The team’s going to lose games like this, and at the rate the Pats and Colts are playing, an early-round playoff game is going to hurt.

Both quarterbacks wear number ten. Sometimes having two tens isn’t good enough.

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