O Henry

Workout wonder Chris Henry will make his active-roster debut this weekend. Chris Brown’s inevitable injury happened in the form of a swollen ankle. If Henry has a good game, Brown may be deactivated for the rest of the season. In theory, Henry can be a bigger version of Brown.

Chris Henry was a mediocre college running back who had an excellent workout. The Titans loved him so much that they made him a surprise second-round pick. Obviously he’s been a real stud in practice since the Titans have left him inactive for five games. Michael Griffin is a better kickoff returner and Chris Davis looks OK returning punts. The issue with Henry is that he’s not that instinctive, which as a running back is like being a drug dog who can’t smell marajuana.

LenDale White set a career high with 25 carries last week. That he gained only 64 yards speaks volumes about the Bucs’ determination to stop the run. It also shows a lack of flexibility in the Titan game plan once starting FB Ahmard Hall left the field. White, who won’t turn 23 until December 20, runs with the speed of Eddie George at the end of his career. He could be a complimentary back, but I don’t know if he’s going to be a full-time RB.

Considering that Kerry Collins might be the starting QB, the Titans need a running back who can block. Even if Vince Young plays, it’s doubtful that he’s going to run much. Henry better not be a bust, at least for one week.

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