Called out

It’s time for a little lesson on message board etiquette. Today’s lesson is: know your fellow owners. I just got called out on the AUFL message board. I won’t name the owner, although it rhymes with Andy. As part of a rant regarding the Patriots and their audacity to win this weekend, he mentioned “a certain fantasy team that thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.”

Here’s the story. I won two of the first three titles in this league. In year four, I had a dominating team. Prior to my championship matchup with “Andy,” I mentioned the fact that he was winning his playoff games with low scores relative to mine. “Andy” beat me in the championship game. My entire team tanked. It was pretty bad. He hasn’t forgotten the slight.

Should I respond? It’s not going to help the situation if I do. Then again, we are talking about a fantasy football board. Leagues get stale when owners don’t participate other than submitting a lineup. I’m in two leagues that are bo-ring because most of the owners don’t chat, other than nitpicking about the rules.

Hey, did you see that Missouri is the 6th ranked football team in the country? I can’t deny it anymore, Pinkelball works.

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