Doing the Dynasty

It hasn’t been the best fantasy football season for me, but I’m on the verge of a first. I only made the playoffs in one of three NFL-based leagues. I made the most of my opportunity. I’m in the title game this week. The Titans will face off against the Broncos. Peyton Manning faces Tom Brady. Can you see how I’m hoping for another blizzard?

Winning in fantasy football takes a bit of luck, and that maxim is even more true when it comes to the postseason. Late-season injuries can sink a squad, since most leagues don’t have waivers during the playoffs. I have to hope for a few fortunate outcomes, like Mike Martz remembering that Kevin Jones is still on the roster or LenDale White not having a random injury in the second quarter. Also it would be a good idea if Manning played all four quarters. We get backup QB points in this league, but I neglected to obtain Jim Sorgi. Oops. I’m starting Owen Daniels over Dallas Clark, who has been a small part of the offense lately. I’m starting three DEs instead of DBs because my DBs are injured and ineffective. Jared Allen, Trent Cole, and Patrick Kearney are too hot for me to bench.

Here are the matchups:

QB: Manning versus Brady; hopefully Tony Dungy learned from two seasons ago and keeps Manning in the game.

RB: Marion Barber, Kevin Jones, LenDale White versus Jesse Chatman and Maurice Jones-Drew; I have the numbers here. Jesse Chatman? Seriously?

WR: Greg Jennings, Reggie Wayne, and Shaun McDonald versus Bernard Berrian, Patrick Crayton, Andre Johnson, and Roydell Williams; I like my star power here. Berrian and Crayton are feast/famine guys. Roydell Williams leads the Titans in receiving yards. Stop laughing.

TE: Owen Daniels versus Donald Lee; I’d call this a wash.

K: Jeff Reed versus Rob Bironas; Reed already has 11. Bironas might match that.

DE: Jared Allen, Patrick Kearney, Trent Cole versus Justin Tuck and DeWayne White; I’ve watched White score about three points a week for my other dynasty team.

LB: Derrick Brooks, Freddie Keiaho, and Patrick Willis versus Chad Greenway, Bart Scott, and Ernie Sims; I traded Scott for Keiaho as part of an offseason deal. If this is a draw, I’ll be OK.

DB: Ken Hamlin, Troy Polamalu versus Ronde Barber, Roman Harper, and Sean Jones; bring the pain, although Polamalu gave me 8.5 this week.

The key to the week is avoiding guys who are playing in blizzards. Having Manning aka mister dome is a good start to that.

I’ll be at the Titans’ home season finale tomorrow. A late-afternoon start will bring back memories of the Titans/Steelers divisional playoff battle from four seasons ago. The Titans are all but out of the playoffs. I hope they can beat Pennington and the Jets.

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  1. Z-34 Buccaneers December 22, 2007 at 9:12 am #

    Playing RB’s and DL’s who are in a ‘snow game’ doesn’t suck.

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