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As I semi-watch the new Terminator series, let me pontificate a bit on life.

If you’re eating pancakes or waffles, you’re wasting your time if there isn’t some kind of nut involved. Macadamia nut pancakes were my favorite breakfast in Maui. Then again, leftover tofu sausage would be an excellent breakfast in Maui.

OK, Lost does the flash forward way better than Terminator, but having a guy killed in the previous episode alive in an alternative future isn’t bad. Brian Austin Green in the cast is an interesting choice. Where are you now, Michael Biehn?

Zealots dynasty free agency isn’t too exciting. It’s a bit like the last two rounds of a fantasy baseball draft. You’re totally guessing at that point. You could get BJ Upton, you could end up with Kerry Wood. I’m in a fierce bidding war for Bryant Johnson and Shaun Suisham at the moment.

A turkey burger Thursday night, with the wife at book group, isn’t a terrible way to pass the time. I’m on my second Negro Modelo.

It’s sad to think that the special effects on a TV drama are well beyond that from the original Terminator. Without movies like Terminator and Star Wars, the horrible summer special effects movies couldn’t exist. Also the burning oil rig scene in There Will Be Blood wouldn’t be possible. Paul Thomas Anderson took a bit of a break but it was worth it. He produced a movie unlike anything else he had ever done. I want to pull something like that off, but I haven’t even put together a Hard Eight yet.

Wow, Bubbles from the Wire showed up.

In the ESPN Fantasy Baseball White Sox preview, the top round where a Sox player should be taken is the 8th round for Paul Konerko.

Why would you ever ask a robot to “swear”?

I cna’t really tell if the White Sox have what it takes to contend this year. It’s kind of like they’re spending the money to be a contender, but the mix isn’t right. They weakened the rotation by trading Jon Garland, and really weakened the farm system in the Nick Swisher deal. I like Buerhle, Vazquez, and even Contreras in the rotation. Jon Danks could make strides in his second year, and then again he could give up 35 home runs. I don’t know about Gavin Floyd. There is no depth. The bullpen should be better but it was supposed to be a strength last year.

The offense and bullpen were disasters last year. Adding Swisher and Cabrera will help. Making a deal for Crede (rumored to go to the Giants for Nick Lowry) would make a difference since Josh Fields looks ready for a major league starting job. He doesn’t have the defensive skills of a Crede but his power potential is almost unlimited. His strikeout potential is equally amazing. He had 125 Ks in 100 games. That’s quite the pace.

Two intriguing players for 2008 are Carlos Quentin and Alexei Ramirez. Ramirez is the Cuban defector who could play in the outfield, second base or (not likely) shortstop. The Sox traded Chris Carter, a power-hitting first baseman who played in low A last year, for Quentin, who was a top prospect a couple of years ago. He had shoulder surgery but could end up in left field. Ramirez’s best shot is to be the second baseman and let Juan Uribe be the super-sub.

Man, I hope that the Titans sign Alge Crumpler. He would be a huge addition. Getting a two-way tight end would free up the draft a bit. Free agency should be interesting this year with the Titans having a ton of cap room. So does everyone else.

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