Follow the money

It’s day one of free agency, aka the spendathon. The numbers aren’t too insane, but just wait for the weekend.

Adam Schefter has been up since midnight following the madness. The Titans are getting flak for not signing anyone yet. A bunch of backup QBs signed deals today, and they make the Titans’ deal for Kerry Collins (2 years, $4 million) seem like a bargain. Chris Redman, an insurance salesman two years ago, got two years, five million. Todd Collins got nine million over three years. Josh McCown signed for more than six million over two years. The Jaguars signed Cleo Lemon for three million a year. I wish I worked in an industry with 50% annual raises.

The Titans did sign Justin Gage and they have Albert Haynesworth signed to the franchise deal. I expect a good chunk of their $37 million of remaining cap room to be gone in a couple of days. With all of these deals going on, it’s hard to relax and believe that my team has a plan.

Alge Crumpler was in Seattle all day, and Titan message boards were in a tizzy. Relax, folks. It’s going to be all right.

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