Feeling the draft

Perhaps I’m not meant to post a blog after a somewhat frantic Yahoo draft and three beers on a Tuesday night. I feel good about my team, although I felt good about last year’s team and I only kept half of the guys I drafted.

My team, in order of draft selection: I had the second/23rd slot.

Hanley Ramirez, ss
Brandon Phillips, 2b
Carlos Lee, of
Russell Martin, c
Manny Ramirez, of
Dan Haren, sp
Carlos Pena, 1b
Paul Konerko, 1b
Felix Hernandez, sp
Shane Victorino, of
Jim Thome, dh
Manny Corpas, rp
Alex Gordon, 3b
Pedro Martinez, sp
Dustin McGowan, sp
Adam Wainwright, sp
Joakim Sora, rp
Rich Harden, sp
Willy Taveres, of
Evan Longoria, 3b
C.J. Wilson, rp
Joey Votto, of/1b

I have no middle infield depth. Taking Hanley in the first round reduced me to 3b scraps like last year. I waited on pitchers and got some good ones, although I’ll be tempted to dump Martinez/Harden if they start slowly. I have 13 position players to 9 pitchers, but so does my week one opponent. My week one opponent let the computer draft for him. Usually I’d make fun, but he’s with his family waiting for his mother to take her last breath after a long fight with lymphoma. I guess I can wait a week to harass him about his team.

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