The fightin’ White Sox

The White Sox did it again.

The Raiders showed as much interest in re-signing Chris Carr as my junior prom date had with me. The NFL had to notify the Titans that the Raiders had no interest in matching the offer sheet the Titans signed last week. Carr is a Titan. You would think that the Tennessean would find a better picture of him. The picture in the article shows him getting burned by Bernard Berrian.

I will refrain from buying a jersey, although 32 should be available soon.

Sadly, I will not spend the entire 2008 baseball season in first place of the AUBL. I won 10-4, but one team went 14-0. I kind of regret adding the categories plate appearances and k/bb ratio. I did already talk smack to the owner who overdrafted Justin Verlander in the second round. Verlander gave up nine runs to the Sox last night.

I finished 4-2 this week in the somewhat confusing GDR league. I can live with winning more than I lose. I finished second in the league in scoring which is a good thing. So far this week (and it is early), I have -1 points.

In z34 I finally posted the free agent financials. In a stunning move, no one has complained about them yet. I’ll bet that there’s some pre-draft burnout. I can’t wait to start scouting punters.

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