The NFL owns my soul

What’s worse, the fact that I set up my day at work so I could take my “lunch” break at the same time the NFL schedule was announced, or my excitement at being able to TiVo a replay of the game last year when Rob Bironas kicked eight field goals against the Texans?

I won’t complain about the Titans’ schedule for obvious reasons. It’s going to happen, and there’s nothing my wife can do about it. I have to decide if I really want to go to Chicago in November to see the Titans in the freezing cold. The entire Law clan will be in Nashville for Titans/Steelers in late December. It’s interesting that the Titans open with the Jags (albeit at home) and finish at the Colts, which gives them the same bookends as last year.

It’s going to be tough for the AFC North, who has to play the AFC South and the NFC East this year. The AFC East gees the AFC West and the NFC West. It’s like seven bye weeks.

Any time a guy in my fantasy league pulls off a jerk move, I’m going to call it Pulling a Pac. Pacman decided not to apply for reinstatement until after the Cowboy deal is done. If I’m the Titans, I’m holding onto him like a royal flush. All the Titans have done is stand by Pac during his arrestapalooza. I hope he rents a house with Tank Johnson.

It’s pretty bad when I’m hoping that I get Juan Uribe in my GDR league. I have Carlos Guillen and Derek Jeter and neither are playing at the moment. My Mike Napoli/Jeff Mathis catcher tandem is money.

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