The dream draft

Let’s say for fun that the Titans could pick any guy they wanted from this year’s draft pool, and for kicks, I get to be the GM. Who would I take? Let’s face it, there’s a notorious lack of sexy in the top draft picks. You have Jake Long, who’s one of those “can’t miss” guys even though scouts think he would be a better right tackle. Chris Long has character oozing out of his pores but feels like a tweener. Vernon Gholston has an issue with his “motor”. He looks like one of those freak athletes who may not be what they call a football player. One Ben Troupe in a decade is enough for me. Darren McFadden is the consensus top running back. The Titans have dealt with players overflowing with baby-mamas and the need to borrow money from a club paying him seven figures a year. Last year I didn’t have a bad feeling about Adrian Peterson due to his talent. I had a bad feeling due to his injury-proneness. Sedrick Ellis seems small for an “elite” defensive tackle.

I’d take Glenn Dorsey. He was the best player on the best college team last year. With him and Albert Haynesworth in the middle, the Titans wouldn’t have to worry about their lack of DE depth. Haynesworth might even make an effort after an inevitable long-term deal is struck if his line-mate outperfomed him on a regular basis.

I make this theoretical pick because there’s no one at the 24 pick that excites me. The draft is all about hype and the hyped players with the eight-figure signing bonuses will be gone well before the 24th pick. I’m still a little unsure after last year’s draft which looks like reach central.

Speaking of reach picks, ESPN re-ranked the 2005 draft class, and Michael Roos was selected eighth overall. Khalif Barnes, selected by the Jaguars a couple of picks later, was considered a much better prospect. Barnes went 21st (to the Jags) in this post-mock.

I’m purposely trying to ignore the White Sox’s incredible start. What’s most amazing is that Jon Danks and Gavin Floyd are pitching well. The key to the Jon Garland deal was that at least one of the young starters had to pan out. Danks has had three great starts and one stinker and Floyd has a 1.4 ERA, albeit with a 10/8 K/BB rate. Danks gave up seven of his eight earned runs in one start. Danks is 23 and Floyd is 25. That’s good because the minor league system is pretty much dead.

The two White Sox hitters slumping the most are Jim Thome and Paul Konerko. Guess who I own in the AUBL? Juan Uribe is batting .153, but that’s close to his career average. There isn’t much out there to challenge him at second base, sadly. Next is a three-game set against the fourth-place Yankees. I love saying that.

This week I take on the top team in the AUBL. I’m currently 6.5 games out of first. It’s time to go to work.

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