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I’m not going to give much of a critique for the Titans’ or any other team’s draft results. I do this for two reasons. First of all, I didn’t pay enough attention to players before the draft to know who was a good or bad selection. Second of all, no one really knows who’s going to be good or bad. It’s all a guess based on very little evidence, since pretty much none of the college players who were drafted will play in the same scheme from college to pro. Plus, there are a lot of guys who were eating Ramen noodles who now have six- to seven-figure bank accounts and no idea what to do with that money.

It’s fair to say that taking Chris Johnson in the first round wasn’t the Titans’ greatest position of need. Name me a Titan fan who is completely confident that LenDale White and Chris Henry are going to excel this year. I can’t say whether Johnson can be a full-time running back in the NFL. With White and Henry on the roster, he won’t have to be. I know that he’ll help on third downs and be a good threat to return kicks. The fastest guy in the draft, and that’s only based on him running without pads on, and without people chasing him, is rarely the best one. I get it. Speed is critical in the NFL and the Titans got some.

Let’s look at the size of the top five rushers in the NFL this year.

LT2: 5’10, 220
Adrian Peterson: 6’1, 217
Brian Westbrook: 5’10, 203
Willie Parker: 5’10, 210
Jamal Lewis: 5’11, 245

My guess is Chris Johnson will hit the weight room early and often. He’s 5’11, 197. While the upside is Warrick Dunn, why can’t he be the Titans’ Reggie Bush? The excitement over Bush sure has died out.

Although the Titan post-draft press conference is full of accolades for the draft class of 2008, I had to agree with Jeff Fisher. “These guys haven’t been fitted for helmets yet.” Heck, those might not fit correctly.

I did initially think that the Titans already had a Chris Johnson in Chris Henry. Henry weighs 30 pounds more and certainly can’t make a guy miss. Last year’s draft haul sure looks bad at this point. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

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