Looking for the offseason

We’re off to the races with the dynasty rookie drafts. It’s not enough that the NFL is showing highlights of rookie minicamps. Now we have to plan the future of our dynasty teams in May.

It’s funny how most leagues rush to do their rookie drafts. The draft ends on April 27. People are clamoring for rookie drafts to start within a week or two. Listen people, training camps start in July. We are two months, or two Pacman Jones “incidents” away from anything meaningful going on. Let’s relax.

One of my rookie drafts started with me not even knowing about it. The news “dropped” on the message board. Could we get an e-mail perhaps? As defending champ, I got the 12th and final pick in each round. By the time my pick came up, eight running backs were on the board. If you’re the kind of guy who tiers your players, I think there’s a gap between eight and nine. I could choose between the second WR, the third QB, or the ninth RB. I went with Jamaal Charles, who is a slightly slower version of Chris Johnson. In two years the Chiefs went from one of the league’s top offensive lines to one of the worst. Larry Johnson is projected as a third rounder in redrafts, after being a consensus top-five guy last year. Times have changed.

Rookie drafts are tough because there’s no momentum. Each team has 12 hours to pick. In the first round, it’s 24 hours. Dude. I’m three slots from my next pick and it seems like forever. I might still have a shot at that second WR.

I’m in day three of recovery. I think you’ve finally turned the corner when NFL replay gets boring. I even fast-forwarded through part of Drunken Master this afternoon. Let’s go through the days of recovery.

Day one: Slow, low-sleep night at the hospital followed by a fast-forward discharge in the morning. I laid on the couch most of the day. The highlight was when it was time for my pain pill. On day two, napping continued, although I spent a couple of hours surfing the Web. I watched a few hours of TV. Today was a pretty simple day. I switched from the prescription pain pills when the last one I consumed put me in a mini-coma. The Ibuprofen was fine.

When watching the Music City Miracle (talk about good timing) on the NFL Network made me bored, I knew it was time to re-join the human race. Naturally that doesn’t include going to work tomorrow. I know it’s going to be there next week, so I’ll take the entire week off.

Movies watched this week:

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Two pain pills up
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: I needed more pain pills
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: Kind of made me sleepy, although I was interested to find out if this were at all a true story. Good year for Casey Affleck
Brotherhood of the Wolf: It’s the only kung-fu horror movie set 30 years before the French Revolution that I’ll ever watch.
Drunken Master: Skip the dialogue, go for the fight scenes

finally gave up on the pain pill when it being dizzy was more annoying than the lower amount of pain.

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