Cubs Don’t Win

The advantage of having back-to-back series with a team is the opportunity for instant revenge. If you were crushed in the initial series, all can be forgiven in the rematch. The White Sox were in a tough place after losing three in Wrigley last week. They had lost six in a row and nine of ten in the series. Also, the red-hot Twins were nipping at their heels. In fact, former top prospect in all of baseball Delmon Young just hit his second home run for the Twins in their win today. Did Young become a backup catcher, or did I miss something? I’m a big fan of Baseball Reference not just for their stats. Anyone can “sponsor” a page. The sponsor of the Young page put in the following comment “Delmon: Congratulations on your liberation from baseball purgatory.” True, the Twins are one game out of first as of this blog. The Rays have the second-best record in the American League, and if the season ended today, they would be the Wild Card entrant in the playoffs and probably the AL favorite.

Actually the Rays are living like the Twins, building a team through prospects and occasionally locking them down long-term while it’s still financially feasible. Counting a rare start by Brian Anderson, the White Sox have three home-grown players in tonight’s lineup.

Yesterday’s game was worthy of a playoff seventh game. The teams went back and forth until Carlos Quentin hit a game-winning home run in the 7th. Matt Thornton, Scott Linebrink, and Bobby Jenks all threw in the mid-90s.

Mark Buerhle just walked the bases loaded in the top of the second. It’s Ronny Cedeno, not woo-woo. The run does not score.

Hey baseball, can we go with one set of rules for all teams? I’m tired of this DH or no DH crap when it’s time for interleague. The AL teams are at a disadvantage in NL parks because pitchers don’t hit. The NL teams are at a disadvantage when they’re at AL parks because guys like Daryl Ward have to DH. Tonight the Cubs put Geovany Soto, their starting catcher, at DH and put their backup catcher in a starting role. He’s only one home run behind Delmon Young.

Congrats to Spain for winning Euro 2008. It has to be the first time in a decade that a team won a soccer title outside of penalty kicks. Penalty kicks are like the NFC making whoever scores the touchdown kick the extra point.

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