He’s a keeper

My AUFL keeper life got a little more complicated due to a trade. One owner had Steven Jackson and Adrian Peterson. Something had to give. My offer to trade Maurice Jones-Drew paled in comparison. Heck, I offered our Americanized British owner MJD for a second-round pick. He ended up giving a third-round pick for Jackson. In one way, competition was good for Steve because he got a much better deal when he shopped around. In the other, Jackson would have earned a higher pick had another owner been in the market for a running back.

Now Steven Jackson has moved from the first overall pick to a keeper. I assumed that Joseph Addai would go second. He looks like a lock for the number one pick overall. Whoever my (all caps are necessary) DEFENDING AUFL CHAMPION dad doesn’t keep between Marion Barber, Clinton Portis, and Frank Gore will go two/three most likely. After Adrian Peterson’s wild rookie ride I bet that Darren McFadden will go pretty high.

I decided to make Willis McGahee my keeper. One of his selling points is the 43 receptions he had last year. Because I like to keep a level head, I noticed that of the top 30 running backs in the AUFL, only Ryan Grant had a worse yards per reception than McGahee. I’m surprised, and maybe it’s because I haven’t read too much fantasy stuff lately, that people haven’t pointed out that Ryan Grant averaged more yards per carry (5.1) than per reception (4.9). I doubt that’s happened too many times in NFL history.

In short, Willis McGahee had a worse average per reception than LenDale White. I would point that out on draft day and rightfully deserve my penalty shot.

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