Green Bay Nightmare

So Brett Favre wants to come back. It’s official. I made light of the situation a week ago because I thought it was a media invention. Shortly after Favre’s retirement announcement, the Packers asked if he wanted to come back for 2008. This was in March. Favre said no. The Packers decided to move on without him. Four months later, Favre changes his mind. This puts a lot of pressure on the Packers in too many ways. They’ve already scheduled his retirement ceremony. If he’s on the active roster, he counts $12 million against the cap. No one is going to give the Packers equal trade value, and there’s no value on your franchise icon putting on another jersey this fall. The announcement that the Packers would accept Favre as a backup didn’t go over too well.

The Titans went through a much less traumatic version of this scenario two years ago when the effectively barred Steve McNair from the team facility. Unlike the Packers, the Titans were in salary cap hell and had to get rid of McNair’s eight-figure cap number. McNair was an icon, and while his number might be retired by the Titans, he’s not going to be an NFL Hall of Famer. It was a bad time for the franchise. I wish the Packers well, until they play the Titans this fall.

I secured some tickets for the coveted Titans/Steelers game in December. It’s possible that two dozen members of the Law clan will descend to Nashville. I can’t even imagine the Wii games that will ensue.

The only drama left prior to training camp is whether the Titans can get their rookies signed and Albert Haynesworth. The Titans have to work out a long-term deal by Tuesday or sign Haynesworth to the franchise tag. I have a feeling that the Titans will promise not to give Haynesworth the franchise tag next year and a deal will be worked out by the end of 2008.

I was a little off base regarding the Zealots Masters league. Our roster limit will be 32 players, which isn’t much for an IDP league. You can’t hoard a dozen RBs and WRs like in a traditional zealots league. In fact, if I choose to have, say, six RBs and WRs, I’ll have to suffer with almost no bench in other positions. The draft starts in two weeks at the most and I have done very little preparation. Out of the 48 teams in this league, I’m hoping to finish out of the bottom ten.

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