The Big Day

Draft weekend is almost complete. This is the annual event where our league, almost completely guys, get to act like irresponsible teenagers. We are all somewhat relieved when it is over. We start Thursday night and finish on Sunday morning with the aptly named Hangover Bowl.

Draft Day itself was a bit anticlimactic today. One owner was not present and drafted via WebEx. A co-owner was out of town and had to leave a list. We meet at our friend Randy’s basement (no one is allowed upstairs) at 9 a.m. Why we meet so early is made apparent later. By 9:30, we start.

The opening pick was Clinton Portis. The final pick was Kyle Orton. In between, the league consumed about a gallon of vodka and at least as much soda, water, Gatorade, and beer. Players were picked, insults were hurled, and luckily, no one hurled. I got home around two p.m. and passed out. For once, I feel semi-human after the event. In fact, this is the first time that I (sort of) feel like drinking at the post-draft party. This is the event when we invite the wives and kids to gather for some grub. It’s usually a quiet affair.

A family dispute led to one owner declaring that he’s out. We’ve had brothers, brothers-in-law, and my dad in this league. My dad is the only survivor. He even hoisted the trophy this afternoon, considerably filled with Metimucel.

Fantasy football has taken too great of a focus over the past few weeks. When I noticed that most of the other league owners did little to no draft prep, I wondered what the point was of all my pre-work. I feel like I ended up with a great team. I guess that will have to be the reward.

My 2008 draft:

Keepers: Derek Anderson, Willis McGahee, Andre Johnson
1.03 Jamal Lewis: It was between him and Maurice Jones-Drew. I had MJD last year and he wasn’t a lot of help. I took Lewis and his 100 additional carries. I’m really invested in the Browns offense.
2.10 Santonio Holmes: He doesn’t fit my “lots of touches” draft theory for 2008. Still, I ticked off Walt, the Steelers’ fan who drafted after me.
3.03 Matt Forte: It was running back crazy. In the first three rounds, I’d say 24 RBs got selected. I expect Forte to get 250 carries.
4.06 (trade): Brett Favre: He was the third QB off the board. Between Favre and Anderson, I’m looking at 40 interceptions.
4.10 Roddy White: He had 80 catches last year with journeymen QBs. With Matt Ryan, I can see him getting up to 90 catches.
5.03 Chris Cooley: There’s a gap between the “big four” tight ends and Cooley. After Cooley, I feel like there’s another gap.
6.10 Donald Driver: Driver’s my fourth WR? I’m OK with that.
7.03 Jason Campbell: The QB pool seems shallow this year.
8.10 Tony Scheffler: This is when the draft started to slow down. Scheffler is going to be a borderline #1 tight end, especially while Brandon Marshall is out.
9.03 Giants D: Super Bowl champions, baby.
10.10 Ray Rice: If Willis can’t hack it, I need Cam Cameron’s top RB.
11.03 Deuce McAllister: I have an extra pick. Either Rice or McAllister will be cut.
12.10 Bucs D: They’re usually solid.
13.03 Jeff Reed: Kicker number one.
14.10 Ryan Longwell: Kicker number two.

I have to wait a long time to find out if my three-year playoff drought is over. It’s time for football season.

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