The Turk hits home

Four players released by the Titans this week were named Barry Booker, Brandon Torrey, Chris Davis, and Jorge Cordova. Even hard-core fans barely sniffed at the cuts leading to the Week Four of preseason 75-man roster. Each one of those players had to think that they might make the final cut. At the same time, they had to know that the end was coming soon.

I met my personal Turk this Monday when I was let go by my company. The signs were present. It wasn’t a matter of talent as much as it was a numbers game. People had to go and my name was on the list. So far I haven’t been able to process the feelings too well. I’m angry, but at the same time grateful in a way to get out of the inevitable downward spiral. I don’t yet know what my next move will be. I doubt those four guys feel much differently.

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