The Titans announced that Chris Johnson and LenDale White will split carries 50/50 during the upcoming season. As we all know, this doesn’t mean that they will alternate plays like Dan Reeves did with quarterbacks a long time ago. This does mean that Chris Johnson’s fantasy value just jumped. Is it time to pick him up? I’m in one dynasty league where I have White and Chris Henry, but drafted too far down to get Johnson this year. I know if I make an offer that I’m going to have to overpay.

Purely as a football move, this is smart. Teams will have to prepare for the plodding LenDale White and the world-class speed of Johnson. Another good point is that Johnson actually can catch.

The closest comparison would be the Jaguars with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. MJD gets the goal-line carries, and I don’t expect Johnson to get most of them. Then again, MJD catches about 40 balls again, and Johnson could double that. Taylor still has breakaway speed, and even with a healed knee, I don’t see White running away from defensive backs, let alone linebackers.

On the Titans Central forums, there’s a debate about whether the Titans are hiding their real offensive tendencies to unleash on the league in week one. Most fans still think that poor performance in the preseason is a bad sign. One fan with the handle of Bongo59, who’s with the team in some kind of vague medical position, insists that there’s nothing to worry about and to “get your popcorn ready”. We have ten days to wait and see who’s right.

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