The Opener Awaits

I’m going to start linking to my site at the top of every blog. It’s my first site, and as you can tell, there’s a theme. Before I forget, Don Funk wants me to say hello. He promised that my readership would go down from 3 to 2 if I didn’t mention him personally.

It’s Giants/Redskins in less than 46 hours. We can find out if the Giant secondary really was protected by the DL. I’ll figure out if I made a mistake in picking Jason Campbell as my 3rd QB in the AUFL. Eli Manning will throw an interception early. The Giants should win, but it’s not a given.

Big fantasy questions for 2008:

Can Willis McGahee capitalize on the Cam Cameron effect when he’s missed most of the preseason? Ronnie Brown was the number one fantasy running back before his injury. The Dolphins had zero at QB, OL, and WR. The Ravens have close to zero in all three categories.

Is Tom Brady really hurt? The Patriots bring back everyone from last year. There are some concerns with the offensive line.

We know that Peyton Manning was hurt, and probably won’t be 100% all year. Will it matter? The Colts will miss two starting offensive linemen on opening night. Last year they were finding a left tackle off the street for a few weeks and the machine did not fall apart.

Does anyone care about Vince Young? During the summer he was touted as a backup QB, and now he’s a QB3 in most people’s rankings. Does anyone really believe that he’s going to start 16 games and score 12 TDs again? His upside is limited, but he’s going to be the top rushing QB this year by far.

Vince’s running ability is the unspoken part of the Titan running game. If Chris Johnson is a ROY candidate, LenDale White’s value has to go down. If VY scores 6 to 8 rushing TDs, White’s not going to be too useful as a fantasy guy.

OK, enough of the Titan aside. Brett Favre is an interesting guy that no one’s talking about. Oh, I’m killing tonight. Before last year’s near-MVP season, Favre had 38 TDs to 47 interceptions the past couple of years. Ruh roh. I would say that the receiving talent is a lot better in Green Bay. He may hit his stride later in the year or he may lose interest if the team starts poorly.

While I write this, I’m working on a trade in one of my dynasty leagues. The centerpiece of the deal is Larry Johnson for Greg Jennings. I’d get Kolby Smith and a WR to be named later. I’d have to give up Chester Taylor as well. I don’t have warm feelings for LJ, but I need a RB stud in the league. LJ with Marion Barber would be a nice 1-2 punch. I’d have to scramble every week for a 3rd wideout, but I do have nice TE depth and could start two.

Sadly, I tried to throw Steve Smith into my side of the deal, and the other guy is a hopeless Giants homer. Like they’re ever going to win anything.

In my one baseball league I managed to hold onto second place and get a first-round bye in the playoffs. Ugh. The White Sox are getting crushed too much lately to breeze to an AL Central championship. After getting hammered by the Red Sox, the Indians are pounding the Sox this week. Wonderful. I might not have to stay up until 9:30 to watch the first pitch of playoff games.

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  1. Funkattk AKA Teacher September 3, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

    Zach you have made my day. Thank you. Please just don’t make this the last.

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