New Zach day, same Zach channel.

So New Orleans will play a home game this weekend but LSU will abstain. How Missouri remains ranked ahead of the other Tigers remains a mystery.

Tomorrow night I may be watching the NFL opener on Don Funk’s couch, watching Don Funk’s TV. I hope to be winning against Don Funk’s fantasy team in a couple of weeks. CBS Sportsline, which forces me to log in every time to my league site even though I bookmarked the page, says that I’m going to lose by 30 to my dad and defending champion on opening weekend. I doubt that it’s going to be clear whether McGahee or Rice starts the game. At least they’re playing the Bengals. There should be enough running yards for both guys. It’s too bad that the starting QB in Baltimore is Joe Flacco of “the” University of Delaware, who couldn’t beat out “the” Tyler Palko at the University of Pittsburgh.

It is interesting that both first-round QBs will start the opener. That’s pretty rare. It’s a sure thing that one will not start the entire season.

It looks like my Larry Johnson/Greg Jennings deal will not go through for week one. Either the price is going to go way up or way down for LJ. My prediction is that the Chiefs will (gasp) lead the Patriots at halftime. Brady and co will take over in the second half. It’s a good week to own Dwayne Bowe.

I’m going to start Ricky Williams. Wow. I’m leaving Julius Jones and LenDale White on th bench to do so.

It’s time for the Democrats and Republicans to take off their American hats and continue the petty bickering that will keep the real issues safely far away from the discussion. I’m going to enjoy the debates, although they may turn out to be as hard to watch as the Titan offense at times.

It’s always fun to set your fantasy lineup and struggle to decide who to start because you have so many options. The other way, wondering how it all went wrong, is never a good time. The only upside to me having Julius Jones in two leagues was that I drafted Marion Barber to “back him up” both times. Barber is up for a monster year.

There are some decisions that are tough but don’t matter. I have Rob Bironas and Lawrence Tynes in one league. Neither guy played in the preseason and Tynes is injured. So what, it’s the kicker.

In week one of my college fantasy league I was the top scorer. Last year I started 5-0, stumbled to 7-3 and made the semifinals. I’m really hoping for some help in free agency. While there are a ton of quality wideouts on the waiver wire, my needs are at kicker, QB, and RB. Oh, that’s every other position.

I’ll give the White Sox credit. They know how to avoid the sweep.

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